Beautiful by design

From the inception of The Tyram Lakes project, the germination of an idea, through to gaining full planning permission for the luxury hotel; BACA Architects, founded and led by the talented Richard Coutts, have been a key collaborator and an inspiration to us and the project.


Multi-award winning BACA and particularly Richard himself are certainly used to the limelight and deservedly so, particularly as specialists in waterfront and water architecture, delivering stunning and unique projects across the globe.

Designer of the UK’s first amphibious house, Richard recently featured on the Channel 5 documentary entitled “Sinking Cities – The Great Flood of London: Environmental Challenges, Food and Floating”, which referenced Aquatecture (architecture on water) and the need for consideration to be given to intelligent innovative ways of living by optimising water as a resource.

Forming a Peninsula of tranquillity


BACA’s holistic approach is helping to create an environmentally-centred paradise from woodland and quarry pits, fishing and watersport lakes and an abandoned pub named William de Lindholme. Tyram will be so much more than a hotel, spa and resort or uncompromised luxury within an eco-friendly and sustainable environment.

Tyram will serve as an inspiration to designers, engineers and policymakers worldwide


BACA has international acclaim and is recognised for innovation in flood resilience, climate adaptive architecture along with spatial planning. Richard was recently awarded the honour of being made a Fellow of RIBA and is also a member of RIBA’s policy team, and supporting DEFRA’s Core Cities Flood Advisory Group at Downing Street.

"What distinguishes this project from other projects is its interpretation of environmental design – it’s normally regarded as pragmatic and is not usually associated with beauty."

Richard Coutts

Founder of BACA Architects