"Adopting a water-centric approach"

Designed by multi-award winning architects BACA, a fundamental part of the overall Masterplan encompasses “Aquatecture” – a water centric approach in which our development goals, flood resilience and adaptation to climate change are reconciled on or close to water.

Water – an element in nature that life is constantly surrounded by; an element that has given birth to life on Earth and continues to support it.

BACA Architects are designers of the UK’s first amphibious house.


A sense of playfulness – an appreciation of beauty – sustainable and future proofed

The Tyram Lakes Hotel & Spa development will offer a unique luxury experience where guests return to nature in a resort that will minimise its impact on the environment. Water resilient technologies will be utilised and involves the creation of amphibious housing, wet-proof buildings, zero-carbon development and flood storage, coupled with new and innovative methods of waterfront design.


The hotel will encompass several site-specific renewable power and heat generation systems and will be 70% off grid. The resort will form a completely closed water system without connection to mains water. A number of luxury lodges are intended to be floating structures.


In designing the lodges, the idea has been to take lessons learned from previously built floating units with a focus on performance, luxury and comfort. The exciting aspect about Tyram is being able to engage with waterside recreational living and floating homes - a new phenomenon in this country.