tyram lakes

Achieving elegance and sophistication with the global fashion house

Tyram Lakes will introduce a selection of the resort's luxury, eco lodges delivered with fixtures, fittings and interior decor from within the global Italian Fashion House's brands. 

The overall design of the luxury resort is not just about the fusion of the above elements, but also to ensure that Tyram does not compromise on both quality and style. 

Few of us have not heard of Giorgio Armani and given the above, it is certainly of no coincidence that the famous Italian Fashion House, ARMANI is involved with the project.


The Armani label also consists of a furniture and home collection, branded Armani/Casa. The Armani/Casa aesthetic philosophy focuses on simple lines and perfect proportions, enriched by precious materials, refined finishes, and elegant textiles. The distinctive style incorporates a harmonious combination of different inspirations and design codes to form a sophisticated atmosphere.

Critics responded very positively to the Armani/Casa label describing the style "simply elegant, a little retro with Ethno elements" to it. The Armani/Casa collection is used in the Armani Hotel range.


The Armani/Roca partnership denotes the collaboration of two world leaders in their respective fields. The partnership’s objective is the creation of practical solutions for wellness and bathroom concepts within contemporary homes, whilst adding revolutionary approaches accompanied by both sophistication and elegance. 

The Armani/Roca space encompasses wall and floors coverings, sanitary products, accessories and all bathroom necessities. All these elements combine to project Giorgio Armani’s style and ethos for the home into the bathroom area with the Armani/Roca bathroom concept denoting an island of sophistication. Its revolutionary approach offers a full range of practical solutions commensurate with the most contemporary and cosmopolitan home – elements which Tyram Lakes is pleased to embrace.

"The Armani/Roca bathroom concept is the expression of elegant simplicity and total harmony, both quintessential of Giorgio Armani’s unmistakable style, captured in the bathroom space. An integral interior design concept which transforms the bathroom into a space dedicated to the pleasure of the senses."

Armani/Roca (2018)