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With a tiredness for corporate chains of cookie-cutter hotels, today’s travellers want a hotel that simply makes them feel great each day.

The Tyram Lakes development is proud to be acting in collaboration with Campbell Gray Hotels - a multi-award winning experienced hotel management company involved in developing and operating luxury hotels around the world.

Campbell Gray offer a unique focus upon design and dedication to each individual destination, alongside an unwavering commitment to the environment.

Part of the Audeh Group of Companies, Campbell Gray set out to achieve the highest standards and to be market leaders. Campbell Gray recognise that in a world of corporate brands there is real demand for individuality, originality and intelligence. The design in each hotel should be individual whilst capturing the spirit of the particular destination, but that ultimately, it’s all about service.

Campbell Gray Hotels include the following:

Le Gray, Beirut

The Farmington, Liberia

The Phoenicia, Malta

The Machrie, Islay, Scotland

The Merchant House, Bahrain

Alex, Lake Zurich 

tyram lakes
tyram lakes

Hotel Development

With first-hand experience in luxury hotel development with a dedicated and experienced team, Campbell Gray approaches each project with a bespoke outlook in order to create something unique with a sustainable business model.

Within the hotel development structure, the Campbell Gray Hotels  team will offer Tyram Lakes the following services:

Technical Services

  • Design – From concept to fabrics
  • Concepts – Hotels should be individual, true to their location and most of all, work for the guests
  • Environment – Implementing new and innovative technology into our hotels where possible  

Hotel Management

As owner operators, Campbell Gray understand exactly what it takes to manage a hotel, including the following disciplines 

  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Sales, Marketing and Revenue Management
  • Finance
  • PR and Media
  • Information Technology

"In an era of constantly expanding large corporate brands, there is an increasing demand for individuality, originality and perhaps most important of all, intelligence. We respect the environment and believe the local culture and people are vital ingredients to any successful destination. Sustainability has always been a natural element for us."

Campbell Gray Hotels

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