Nothing quite like this ground-breaking resort development

Inspiration and innovation derived from contributors to the world-renowned Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

A one-of-a-kind tourist destination with world class designs, combining artistry, creativity, stunning landscapes and capped with eco-friendly innovation and sustainability. The creation of more than simply an awe inspiring project but a revolution in eco-based luxury, at one with the landscape and the local biodiversity.

Water – an element in nature that life is constantly surrounded by; an element that has given birth to life on Earth and continues to support it.

BACA Architects are designers of the UK’s first amphibious house.


Uplifting to your wellbeing

Featuring the first of its kind in luxury, floating lodges will be developed alongside an exclusive, luxury spa complex within a multi-faceted boutique hotel.


Zero Carbon

Additionally, the development is designed in such a way that an aim is to reduce the overall environmental and effectively help to meet the UK Zero Carbon targets.

Energy efficiency and thermal technological innovation is brought to the forefront With the Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa & Resort Development - one which will engage and sustain the local ecosystems.

This Tyram will be set on approximately 65 acres of lakes adjacent to approximately 100 acres of natural woodlands. This will form escapism in a beautiful natural habitat.