tyram lakes

Complimentary access to the National Nature Reserve (NNR)

Adjacent and connecting to the idyllic surroundings and tranquillity of the Tyram Lakes development is the Natural England site of the Humberhead and Peatlands National Nature Reserve.

With complimentary access for Tyram visitors, the Natural England site gives our future guests even more acres for hiking, horse riding, trails and exploration. For the horse riders, we will boast around 24 miles of riding without ever meeting a single highway!

A new outreach centre launched to boost wildlife

The official opening of the outreach centre by Natural England back in September 2018 received both the backing and funding of GBP £3 million by the UK government.

For future Tyram visitors, this means the added benefits of a new outdoor laboratory facility which is inclusive of an educational centre for all visitors, local schools and universities. The support of such parties and institutions will help to establish the nature reserve as a focal point of the local community.

The opening of the new research centre marks the one year anniversary of the launch of an ambitious National Nature Reserve strategy, which brings together government, wildlife charities, NGOs and private landowners to help stimulate recovery across England’s native wildlife by creating conditions to enable wildlife to ‘brim over’ from nature reserves into the wider landscape.

tyram lakes

"The transformation of the Humberhead from scarred industrial landscape to Britain’s single largest restored lowland peatland is a fantastic example of how by working together to restore ecological processes we can boost wildlife, improve access to the great outdoors and create new opportunities for the local economy."

Dr Therese Coffey

Member of UK Parliament
Minister of State at the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)