Royal Patronage

Tyram’s Royal Ambassador

Princess Alexandra Elizabeth Cantacuzene-Speransky (also known as “Princess Rara”) is the daughter of Prince Michael Cantacuzene, Count Speransky and Barbara Hanbury-Williams and was so inspired by her first visit to Tyram Lakes, that we are now honoured to have her royal patronage, and at our very first investor day she attended and welcomed new participants and investors to the project.

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As a noted London-based entrepreneur and social humanitarian, Princess Rara is actively involved with society’s concerns and is particularly proactive in the establishment of The Tutus House Foundation for the homeless and the underprivileged. Through the support provided for The Tutus House Foundation, the organisation’s ethos is “Safety for the forgotten, the disenfranchised, those for whom society has not provided a safety net.”

"The concept is innovative, futuristic and forward thinking. Nothing gives me greater pleasure that to be involved with this incredible project from the beginning."

Princess Alexandra Elizabeth Cantacuzene-Speransky

On Tyram Lakes

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