When there is both a social conscience and a vision to create something extraordinary, determination will find a way.

Geyser Thermal Energy is a key technical partner bringing with them an absolute desire to protect our natural resources, focusing upon reducing both energy and water wastage.

The lake is being used as an energy source so that it can provide hot water but will also store energy, treat the water without chemicals and provide cold clear drinkable water. Excess heat generated will be stored in a district heating system and utilised for heating lodges and the hotel.


Geyser Thermal Energy have confirmed that its unique holistic design for the resort will utilise an impressive 90% less energy than fossil fuel systems – all of which will be achieved without sacrificing any comfort whatsoever. During the summer, the system will use 100% less energy, making the Tyram Lakes resort completely carbon neutral during the high season.

What makes it so genuinely ‘eco-friendly and sustainable’ is that despite its size making a significant demand for water, heating and cooling, resources here will be recovered and re-used on an unprecedented scale. Even the natural body heat from our guests will be recovered and re-used to heat water for showers.

Immersa are also technical strategic partners bringing with them on-site renewable energy generation with battery storage. By utilizing these systems, energy can be integrated into smart power grids to deliver sustainable, economical and secure electricity supplies across the Tyram lakes community.

Immersa are passionate about reducing carbon emissions and achieving a clean, sophisticated and adaptable energy economy. The battery systems are installed to enable storage of energy by our on-site solar systems and other renewables (such as air and ground source heat pumps), prior to being exported to the grid. Via solar systems on roofs, even unoccupied lodges will generate power which will be stored and distributed to where it is required.


And it’s not only our own batteries we are interested in…

Electric vehicles will be available to transport guests and their luggage to and from the lodges/hotel with electric cargo carriers for goods entering the site. It is also our intention to run an airport collection and delivery service with electric powered vehicles too.

"With the future of Tyram Lakes being a real pillarstone in what is achievable through incorporating ecological, renewable powers into current developments, it shows that commercial feasibility can be achieved right now…And as such, why should we be considering the introduction of fossil fuel powers and systems that are detrimental to the environment and our future? If that is one leaving factor that Tyram can prove, then I think it has done what it has needed to do."

Robert Miles LLB

CEO, Immersa