Architecture and Design

The Boutique Hotel

A belief that a design should be individual and capture the spirit of the destination which it is in. A passion for service.

The Tyram development’s hotel developer, operator and managing team will be the globally acclaimed Campbell Gray Hotels.

With a reputation of owning and developing some of the world's most successful and luxurious hotels, we are delighted that they have chosen to become an important collaborator in the resort’s development.

tyram lakes

Recognising the synergy…

There is a desire to be in harmony with the environment, support its local culture and to provide the very best level of service all within a unique and beautifully designed space whilst never compromising upon luxury.

The Chelsea/Kensington based hotel operator services a portfolio of luxury establishments across the globe ranging from hotels and mixed use developments (including private residences):
Le Gray - Beirut
The Phoenicia - Malta
The Farmington Hotel -Liberia
The Machrie - Isle of Islay
The Merchant House -Manama
Alex - Lake Zurich
Campbell Gray - Amman


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