Even getting to Tyram Lakes is easy

Access to the Tyram Lakes Hotel, Spa and Resort is for the most part very easy as the Doncaster area is readily accessible from almost anywhere in the UK and abroad.


By Air

Guests will be extended the courtesy and privilege of being collected from the Airport. Doncaster Sheffield airport (DSA) which is the UK’s fastest growing international airport (outside of London) is situated only 5 minutes away.

By some, it is regarded as the UK’s best connected location with excellent road, air, sea and rail infrastructure and only 88 minutes from London


By Rail

The resort will inevitably benefit from the newly approved £58m road and rail links.


By Road

Current access to the resort is facilitated for via the A614, which lies 3.6 miles south of the M180 (which itself interconnects to the M18 at Doncaster), together with the M62 North and M1 South, with the A1 is also only 12 miles from the site.


By Ship

Doncaster is only 45 minutes from Humberside Port.

"Doncaster iport quotes that in total, 53.4 million people live within four hours’ drive-time, comprising 81% of the UK population or 87% of the mainland population (excluding Northern Ireland); moreover, the four main UK container ports are all within four hours’ drive-time of iPort."